Floating Mansion - Avant-garde Life on Water

The Next Generation Floating House—has arrived in Miami. This masterpiece of modern engineering gives you an avant-garde, environmentally-friendly way to live luxuriously on the water. The floating mansion, the first of its kind, combines the finest qualities of yachts, floating homes, and waterfront villas, while also integrating sustainable, self-sufficient technology. We invite you to explore the wonders of the floating mansion. Live elevated on the water with Sextant.



On the floating mansion, the water and sky become a part of your daily life. Floor-to-ceiling windows, large decks, and oversized terraces allow you to live closely with Miami’s natural surroundings. The master bedroom features a freestanding bathtub and walk-in closet. To keep guests constantly immersed in the view, you will enjoy balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows. Guests can request to move the floating mansion into Biscayne Bay so they can be fully on the water.


Connect with Nature on the Floating Mansion 





Built as a response to urban growth and rising seas, the floating mansion is a unique solution that creates an avant-garde concept of life on the water. floatable mansion livable yacht has systems for rainwater harvesting, water purification, and waste management. The 2,400 sqft solar roof provides energy for the entire vessel. Guests on the floating mansion live ecologically and minimize their carbon footprint.


Live Sustainably on the Floating Mansion





The floating mansion has a sophisticated system that elevates the vessel completely above the water. This makes it feel stable, adds security in rough weather, and eliminates the effect of the rolling of the sea. Using four, 40-foot-long hydraulic pilings, the floating home is leveled, creating a solid foundation in depths of as much as 20 feet.


Stay on the Floating Mansion in Miami 





Modern design combined with abundant space gives you a sense of ease and tranquility. With 4,350 square feet of total space and 2,700 square feet of indoor space, the floating mansion has the feel of a spacious home, centered on an open floor plan living room. Four bedrooms, expansive terraces and balconies, and a sliding wall in the living room provide privacy, flexibility and a sense of abundance.  


Enjoy Elegant Space on the Floating Mansion 



The world’s first ever solar-powered livable yacht
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