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Sextant strives to push the Miami vacation rental industry forward. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs who were inspired by Airbnb and the shared economy revolution, we’ve embraced the modern way to travel. We’re a growing company that consistently seeks to create extraordinary experiences for our guests. Every member of the Sextant team adds passion and expertise to our business.

Andreas King-Geovanis

Managing Partner

Brandreth Canaley

Internal Operations

Will Wolff

Business Development

Dorian Sierra



Guest Experience

Iskander Karimov


Courtney McDonald

Interior Design

Max Santiago


Albert Tsygurov

Director of Onboarding 

Alan Nixon

Assistant City Manager

Tiffany Walters

Head of Operations

David Ayala

Building Manager - South and North Properties 

Alexandra Absalon

Reservations Manager

Rose Ann Mary Estrada

Reservations Manager 

Dave Valenzuela

Distribution Specialist 

Angelica Guinto

Virtual Concierge

Elenny Sumalinog

Virtual Concierge 

Catherine Oliver

Reservations Specialist

Erwin Pangilinan

Reservations Specialist 

Frances Labrador

Reservations Specialist 

Karen Grace Faeldonea

Reservations Specialist

John Francis Pealene

Reservations Specialist

Karen Stodomingo

Reservations Specialist

Mc Neil Lorenzo

Reservations Specialist

Diana Veronica Young

Reservations Specialist

Marriane Juanitez

Reservations Specialist 

Jennie Cabajar

Social Media Strategist

Kristeta Del Mar

Accounts Payable Specialist