Sextant Partners with Arkup | Avant-garde Life on Water

Arkup - Avant-Garde Life on Water

Vacationing on the water in Miami just got elevated. We are beyond excited to announce Sextant’s partnership with Arkup, creators of the Next Generation Floating House. The Arkup, the first of its kind, combines the finest qualities of yachts, floating homes, and waterfront villas, while also integrating sustainable, self-sufficient technology. A masterpiece of modern engineering, the Arkup provides an avant-garde, environmentally-friendly way to live luxuriously on the water.

Avant-Garde Life on Water with Sextant

Sextant is proud to be the exclusive rental provider for Arkup in Miami. A truly unique way to vacation, the Arkup is beyond your greatest dreams. This 75-foot floating mansion provides 4,350 square feet of seamless interior and exterior space, a 455 sq ft retractable deck, 4 bedrooms, and a swimming platform. We’re pleased to give guests a way to live close to the water, relaxing in privacy with their family and friends.

Future Proof Innovation

Conceived to be “future proof,” the Arkup is designed to be self-sufficient and withstand harsh weather. The self-elevating stabilization systems raise the Arkup above the water, ensuring an extra level of comfort and safety against rough seas. The 2,400 sqft solar roof provides energy for the entire house. Guests on the Arkup live ecologically and minimize their carbon footprint.  

Experience Miami from the Water

On the Arkup, you will experience Miami in a whole new way. The exquisite light of the morning sun reflecting off the water, the rhythm of the tide, and the freedom to live close to nature will soothe your soul and calm your mind. We look forward to sharing the next generation of life on the water with you. 

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